5 Days in Whistler — Everything you Need to Know

Whistler is the most famous hub of winter sports in Canada or I should say North America because the sports area here is the biggest among the winter sports destinations the whole continent has to offer. The heavenly feel it gives by the awe-inspiring landscape is also a major reason why Whistler is loved by so many backpackers. In the lap of mountains which are enclosed by the forest and rivers, Whistler is like a masterpiece drawn by some famous fantasy artist. Since Whistler catches the attention of a myriad of people every year, the town has developed a lot in terms of its hospitality and other tourist attractions. So if you haven’t visited Whistler yet, Farenexus will show you what you are missing out on by enlightening some of the best servings of this beautiful destination:-

1. Whistler Blackcomb

2. Hiking & Climbing

Hiking and climbing are among the famous activities tourists come here for. Being cherished with an immense amount of nature, hikes to visit it from deep inside and close enough is a must. The number of trails Whistler has around will take quite a few to days to be adored completely. And if you are thinking that visiting just one of the hikes will give you all the experience other hikes has to offer, then think again. This place offers a range of trails that meet the needs of a variety of travel-goers. From flat as football ground (almost) to sloppy as slope kind of trails, there is a lot to visit. Thus it’s best to allocate a big chunk of time to Whistler. Or visiting it again (and again) is also not a bad idea.

3. Lost Lake

4. Whistler Museum

Don’t do the mistake of being prejudiced about Whistler Museum as just like a box filled with exhibits. Yeah, it showcases numerous items from the history of Whistler within the walls, but the Whistler Museum also spreads its service outside that. How? By providing guided tours of the historic points and the trails of nature around and within Whistler. Organizing educational sessions for the visitors is also a major contributor in making it stand out from the rest. If you are tempted to ask whether kids will like it or not, then don’t worry as Whistler Museum has taken care of it by having a craft program for kids. Have you found any reason not to go here?

5. Whistler Blackcomb’s Fire & Ice Show

If you are hopping around Whistler during the wintertime (December to March), set yourself up for Whistler Blackcomb’s Fire & Ice Show. It is held every Sunday from 7 pm onwards (8 pm during the later part of Winter). The show consists of stunts by some of the best skiers piercing the rings of fire. The show is quite delightful and a great way to spend the Sunday eve with the warmth of the fire. The dazzling stunts are escorted with the beats of DJ and fireworks. And what’s the best part? It’s free!

Some indoor activities that you shouldn’t miss out

1. Spa- Whistler offers a wide range of spas to feel the relaxing sensation around the whole body. Most hotels have their spa service or you can also choose from various other independent outlets.

Some outdoor activities that you shouldn’t miss out

Nearby places to visit

1. Squamish

Just an hour ride from Whistler lies Squamish- a town to bring out the wild-enthusiast inside you. Squamish is a delight to watch and pleasure to experience because of the wild sporty activities in-between nature’s 360-degree gem view. Best activities to try out here, but not limited to, include learning to fly an aeroplane, rock-climbing and kiteboarding.

2. Garibaldi Provincial Park

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