Best Places to Enjoy MidNight Sun

Imagine a place, where the sun never sets. How would you use this additional day light? Do you simply love the morning or are you a morning person? If you ever feel that there is never enough daytime to do all the outdoor activities you want? There are some places in the world where the sun does not set for days at a time and vice versa.

What is Midnight Sun?

The midnight sun is basically a natural phenomenon where you can see the sun even at midnights. This occurs near the arctic and antarctic circles. You can see midnight sun in countries like Canada, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden in the Arctic circles and in the Antarctic circle, the phenomenon can only be seen in Antarctica. You can plan your trip to experience the nature’s natural phenomenon and these days the midnight sun is an increasingly popular choice for travellers.

When to see the Midnight Sun

The beautiful natural phenomenon can be seen all along the Arctic Circle from mid-June to early July. You can enjoy the beautiful spectacle from April to August in Greenland. The sun is visible for a full of 24 hours a day. During this period the sky is too bright so, it’s impossible to see the Northern lights.

There are many wonderful places around the world where one can witness this rare natural occurrence, however, the experience is just mesmerizing. Few of the famous cities in Canada where you can follow the midnight sun.

Dawson City

Dawson City is a town on the Yukon River, which is in northwest Canada. Though Yukon’s midnight sun doesn’t set for weeks, you will surely enjoy the extra long summer days. Approximately it’s duration for about 21 hours daytime. You can enjoy here with a number of activities like hiking and trails to bike and swimming. On Dawson street, you can also enjoy local beer and food, or have a picnic on a mountaintop with your family.


Iqaluit is the capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut, which means “place of fish”. It’s duration for about 20 hours and usually, the long days don’t always mean warm days. People enjoy this long summer day to play soccer or campfire on the beach.


Inuvik is a frontier town in Canada’s Northern Territories which receives more than 50 days of continuous sunshine in the summer season. It’s a perfect time for travellers to explore the magnificent places such as National parks, and you can go fishing and tanning at around 2 or 3 a.m. There is also a midnight sun fun each summer solstice.

We are listing below a few wonderful places around the world to observe the midnight sun.

North Cape (Norway)

North Cape is one of the most majestic and magnificent places to enjoy the midnight sun located in Norway. Approximately 76 days are full of light. North-cape towers which are around 1,007 feet above the ocean and makes it a stunning place to enjoy the wonderful view of sunny spectacles and also you can click thousands of photographs.


Iceland is known for its midnight sun in the summer months, it becomes an excellent viewing platform for witnessing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring shows on earth. If you are planning to visit Iceland during this month then you can see the skies blaze in super shades of pink and golden colour which looks so amazing.

Lofoten Island

Lofoten island is one of the most beautiful places known for its dramatic scenery, excellent fishing and of course not to forget about the midnight sun. The sun is visible from the end of May through the middle of July. You can do various activities like playing golf, hiking, fishing and can see the yellow colour of sun reflection in the water which mesmerizes the heart of a nature lover.


Greenland gives you a chance to experience the long midsummer nights. The people of this country take advantage of this season and spend most of the time in adventurous outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, cycling and camping. It is very astonishing and vivid place as you have enough day to explore the different places.


The summer season in Finland is a spectacular time of the year and sun does not set at all from May to August. The midnight sun expands day with those extra hours you keep hoping for in your daily life. So it is possible to do all the same things that you would do during the day. Finnish Lapland is the outstanding place to experience the Midnight sun. People of this area celebrates the Midnight Sun Film and Folklore festival Jutajaiset, a great way to enjoy the local culture and midnight sun as well as in this extra hours you can spend quality time with your friends or family by exploring outdoor activities in hiking, canoeing, fishing and playing a round of golf.


Russia is among one of the countries where the sun doesn’t set at all from mid-May to mid-July. Tiksi and the remote New Siberian Island are the places in Russia where you can experience the full effect of the midnight sun or White Nights. Use this extended hours of the day to spot the famous brown bears and wildlife while rafting along the peninsula’s largest rivers, the Kamchatka and the Bystraya, which take you through cedar forest. You can also experience the volcano summit climbs which enhances the maximum views when coinciding with the sunrise.


Want to experience the midnight sun in Sweden so you have to head to the northern tip of it to grab the picturesque moment. Swedish Lapland is a place where you can experience it from May to July, this depends on where you are. Every year at the end of June, the people of this area celebrates a Kiruna Festival. The best thing about the midnight sun is that daytime activities are possible without artificial light. You can also ski into the early hours at Riksgränsen in addition to this you can also enjoy hiking, swimming, golfing and hanging out with your friends outdoors all night long.

For those who haven’t seen the midnight sun, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing to watch the sun in the night though it’s not like seeing the northern lights still, it’s a good experience to watch sunset and sunrise happen all at once. So, are you ready to plan your trip with your family to visit these countries and take advantage of the fact that activities can be arranged around the clock? Wonderful — don’t miss to visit Farenexusto search for some Cheap Flight Tickets and great deals on online Air Tickets.