Best Surfing Sites Around the World

Summers are around folks, and there are a ton of adventures awaiting you. Whether you pick to go visit a hill station or head forward to some warm beaches, the mere idea to get out and have some fun escaping from the daily routine is heavenly. There are numerous water sports that you can enjoy, however, surfing stands alone. It adventurous, risky, fun and much more all at once. Riding along on the ocean waves, a lot of adrenalin rush, the fun and the power to conquer one of the most aggressive forces of natures is just next level. Though it takes a lot of practice and experience to become an expert, however, just a few friendly strokes and short little rides for the beginners are equally thrilling. We would like to get you to know about a few of the best surfing beaches around the world if you carry a tooth for surf-adventure.

Black Beach, San Diego, California

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The black beach in southern California is one of the best surfing spots in the United States. The roaring waves and the powerful currents are meant for professional surfers only and beginners are advised not to try their luck out there. The majestic waves are unaltered with the winds, hence provides a long time for you to try having fun while surfing. Apart from a good surfing sight, it is also one of the best known nude beaches in California. Generally, the weekends are very crowded there so if you are looking to catch some good rides and escape the crowds, choose a weekday instead.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

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Fuerteventura is a wonderful surfing spot on the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. The Canary Islands itself are laced with beautiful black and white beaches and the most famous surf ride around is known as the Bubble. It is considered as the heaven for the surfers around the world as they rush to this place to catch a dream wave as it offers a perfect spot to surf, mild waves and moderate temperatures. Apart from the Bubble, there are many other waves like Generosa Suicides, Mejillonas, El Hierro that allows you to lay your hands on a good surfing experience. You might have to compete well in order to catch a good wave, however, all the hard work put in is absolute worth once you would pass the experience of getting a magical ride. You can even enjoy from a distance and watch people riding the perfect tubes, however, it would be tempting for you to go and try it out for yourself. Be advised to practice paddling a little and try riding some tiny waves before actually conquering a big one — happy surfing!

Huntington Beach, California

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While the black beach currents are meant for professionals only, we have the famous Huntington beach in California that is also known as the surf city. There are four different beaches that break in here and provides ample opportunities to surf for both professionals and beginners. This place has also hosted the U.S surf open in 1959. The place and its inhabitants seem like dwells on surfing itself, it is the main business for the people around and they take it damn seriously. Hence, the reason as many good surfers have been produced by this place, it seems like that the surfing is in their DNA and people of all ages have a deep respect and passion for the beaches and the roaring currents. You would often find many children surfing here as well, paddling fast to ride on the top of the waves, seems like these waves and currents flow in their veins and they are happily making their livelihood with this sport. Generally, the beach is very crowded here, however, if you happen to get yourself settled in somewhere, the surfing and partying people all around would be a treat to watch.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

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Summers attracts many surfers to the Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk in the North Carolina. While there is not much activity around in the winters, however, in summers, it seems like the town gets alive. There are many points to catch some good waves, however, Kill Devil Hills is widely famous. The name many seems to be spooky but it offers a good point-breaks and nice consistent currents for a good surf. While Kill Devil Hills would be a little crowded, there are many surf spots available around where you can escape the crowds and have some peace of mind along with a good surfing experience.

Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

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The entire world has so many good places with some sophisticated currents that provide good surfing conditions. Siargao Islands — the coasts are lined up with wonderful palm trees and are famous to offer the best waves for surfing around the world. The waves here are dramatic and they break on reefs, seems like mushroom clouds that land on the beautiful corals. Surfing here is considered very risky as even a mild mishappening would get you to meet the cruel reefs that have the capacity to rip your bones off in a flash. However, with more risk, comes the greater adventure and professionals always are up for such spots to push their limits and feel the adrenalin flowing through their veins while surfing on these magnificent waves.

Bundoran, Ireland

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The constant currents on the shores of Bundoran are just mesmerizing for surfers and this place is also known as the ‘cold water eden’ of surfers. The entire town is kind of prepared to welcome the surfers from around the world and this place would get you a warm hospitality as well along with some cool wave rides. The town has been a popular tourist spot since the 17th century and you can guess how far they would have developed to ensure that provide the best services. It is a place to experience fabulous beachside resorts with perfect conditions for surfing.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

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Jeffreys Bay — a beautiful town on the eastern bay province of South Africa also hosts the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing competition. The consistency and quality of the surf break allowed to be recognized as the one of the best right-hand point break surfing spot. Jeffreys Bay has numerous spots to catch some good waves and it has rides for all age groups and all level of experiences. The availability of many surfing sites has also facilitated the formation of many surf schools in the Jeffreys Bay where anyone can get the basic lessons before unleashing themselves in the open ocean and face the majestic currents of the Jeffreys Bay.

The Bondi Beach, Sydney

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There are some good places to surf everywhere in the world and people tend to make the most of it. There are many beaches in Sydney, however, you may like to visit the famous Bondi beach one more time as the beach is not only famous for its white sands, but it also attracts surfers from around the world with some majestic waves. The beach is all lined up with beach resorts and restaurants makes it a perfect spot to hang around and relax. While there would be many professionals showing the artistic moves while riding the waves, you can also join some crash courses on Bondi beach to learn surfing and to understand the ocean safety techniques. The best part of these beaches is that you can also rent on a surfboard and show what you have got. Besides the famous Bondi beach, Manly beach also provides suitable conditions for a perfect surfing experience.

Taghazout, Morocco

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Its really fun to get to know about the famous beaches, popular surfing spots around the world and beautiful people who have a passion for this spot. Our quest to find the best-surfing sites in the world has brought us to the famous Taghazout in Morocco. This small fishing village in Morocco has one of the best right-hand break waves and are less crowded most of the times. Seems like a perfect place for a surfer as most of the time they would have to compromise with the crowd and have to make their way despite competing among other surfers. This place seems to have a variety of currents and often offers mild surfing spots for everyone.

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

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The eastern coast of Sri Lanka homes the famous Arugam bay village known for its steady waves and beachside restaurants. This place probably is one of the best spots to find ideal surf conditions in the Indian Ocean. There are many local surf competitions being organized during the peak seasons.

Some Safety Tips for Beginners:-

  • Try surfing only if you know how to swim.
  • Never try surf alone and have someone to watch your back.
  • Don’t try to surf at dawn as it is hard to anticipate the power of currents, it can be lethal.
  • Don’t try to surf under the influence of alcohol — it’s adventurous but risky too so always keep precautions.
  • Take some basic training and try with the smaller waves to get some confidence as there is no point to show off when your own life is on a stake.

Having said that, it is a lot more fun if you take proper measures and respect the sport and there is a lot, it will return to you. The feeling of connecting to the ocean and riding along it is just beyond imagination so go have some fun if you ever get a chance to be in such places and face the deep ocean currents. Be Safe — Happy Surfing

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