How to find Cheap Flight Tickets?

It is not very hard to actually find some Cheap Flight Tickets online, however, one just need to understand the market and its functionality properly. There are a lot of things that one can take into consideration while looking for flight deals online like choosing the right airline, check for the nearby airports, the day and time of the week and even clear the cookies from your computer before initiating a new search. While working in the industry, I usually have to keep a track of the various airline’s fares and flight deals that are on offer, and there are certain insights that I have learned that might help you to get some cheap flight deals.

Travel Metasearch Engines

Farenexus — a travel metasearch engine

You can check for the airfares with Airlines directly or some travel agencies as well, however, if you try searching for the fares on some popular metasearch engines, the price information would always come handy for you to choose the right price. Travel metasearch engines are the fare aggregators that allow you to compare airfares from different airlines and travel agencies at one page. It is a very convenient way to understand the tickets prices from different channels without actually have to look separately at different agencies or airlines. There are many popular travel search engines in Canada i.e. kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, Cheapflights, Expedia, Farenexus etc. At times, different engines are tied up with different travel agencies and relying every time on one metasearch engine wouldn’t be a good idea as you might be missing on some good deals at the other end. For an instance, a travel agency from China would have better prices for various flights to China in comparison to an agency from the United States. Once you would try your luck at popular search engines, if not a good deal, you would at least have a good information to negotiate with your local agent for desired air tickets. So, always explore the fare prices on more than one metasearch engine and that can actually help you to get a better price.

Clearing Search History

Most of the companies have designed their online sales network in such a way that it can save your search histories and store it in the form of cookies on your computer. How would it affect? It is simple, let’s say you try searching for a flight in the night and was not very convinced with the fares, you went back to sleep thinking of checking the prices again in the morning. Now, most of the engines and sites would fetch date from your cookies and would show you the same fares that you have seen the yesterday night, even if the actual prices on site has decreased a bit. It is a simple tactic used by travel website owners to enhance their page speeds, but it can cost you some extra bucks at times, so ensure to clear history and cookies before initiating a new search in order to get the fresh results from the websites.

Pick the right Airline

Choose the Right Airline

There are various categories of Airlines itself. The Major Airlines, National Airlines, Regional Airlines and newly introduced Ultra Low-Cost Airlines. We need to understand that apart from flying us to and fro, airlines do charge us for the services as well, as can be understood from the difference in the economy and first class fares. However, there are other things as well as the meals, entertainment systems on flights etc. If you can think of cutting down on the luxuries while flying, it can help you a lot to save on the flight fares. Ultra Low-Cost Airlines are specifically designed on this concept, where apart from the seat, you would have to pay additional for any other service, and sometimes you might ignore the on flight services if go prepared and save some money. For long flights, you can also try to search and book connecting flights separately to save some money. Any Airline who has regular flight schedules for certain routes would tend to offer slightly cheap airfares as regional airlines would be able to offer good deals in within the country flights.

Pick the right Airport

Nearby Airports Are Cheaper

Just like a luxurious Airline, we have the concept of luxurious airports as well where the taxes and fees to operate flights are slightly higher, hence, the price of the flights operating from these airports. Just to understand this better, anyone flying to London would look for flights to London Heathrow Airport most of the times, unaware of the fact that one can also look for flights to London Gatwick, a nearby airport but with a huge difference in the operating costs to the airlines and the ticket prices. There are many metasearch engines that also allows you to check fares for the nearby airports before booking what can be counted as another plus to use a metasearch engine to find flights.

Time and Day of Travelling

Travel Early on Weekdays

This is another good point to take into consideration while trying to book air tickets online as the flights operating on weekends are generally costlier due to the high demand over the weekends. The best day to search flights is Tuesdays. The prices are generally lowest on Tuesday and then start picking up as per the availability. Most of the airline’s open sales on Monday, it makes other competitors match prices and Tuesday comes out to be the best day of the week to get a good deal on your air tickets. Similarly, the early morning flights go cheaper due to more seat availability and you can also consider this while booking a ticket. So, the early morning flights on weekdays are comparatively cheaper. You should also try to book your tickets in advance, booking prior to six weeks is considered as a good time book, while we approach the departure date, the prices tend to rise due to low seat availability.

There is one more tip that you can use to look for the cheap flights, if you happen to fly to and fro many times with more flights available, you can check in wait for the last minute cancellations. Sometimes Airlines opens last-minute sales with a heavy discounted price and you might get lucky with that, again the search engines and Online Booking would come handy to try this option out.

Check for Last Minute Offers

Nowadays, it has become extremely convenient to book flights online, and if you would research a bit and take care of the above points, you might be able to get some great flight offers and end up with booking some cheap flight tickets. I will try to dig more into the online booking world and would add more valuable points if found, meanwhile good luck with your next search — happy booking

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