Incredible Influencers from Montreal

This is the era of Digital World — that implies that we have numerous opportunities to live our dreams. You can connect to the rest of the world and would always be able to find a group of people with similar passion, dreams or any fantasies that you have ever think of. It’s easy to be a part of a group, however, in order to be able to influence someone, it really takes a lot of hard work and selfless efforts. We are so busy chasing fame, however, altogether ignoring the very basic to be able to reach there — a selfless approach and honest work. Social Media is all about give and take, more selflessly you would share your knowledge/work with the rest of the world, there will be more people who will stand and recognize you. This time for a change we just though of dig out the information on such hardworking people from Montreal who are really making an impact on the social media with their work and persona. There were many out there who are doing a wonderful job, however, we tried to pick our influencers on the basis of their Instagram followers. These incredible people are great in their work and serve as a good inspiration for all of us that if you really have a passion and want to make a difference — just go for it and the world will follow: –

Karolane Rondeau — Content Creator from Montreal

Anne McIsaac — Graphic Designer & Art Director

Mayssa Kasbi- Blogger and Digital Content Creator

Simon Lachapelle — Landscape Photographer

Mariella Katz — Founder and CEO of Frenzr

Eric Branover — Freelance Photographer

Audrey Rivet — Freelance Content Creator

Francis Duval — Photographer from Montreal

Martin Reisch — Freelance Photographer and Video-Grapher

Marie-Janelle Larivée — Founder of the Blog ‘Blog and the City’

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