Incredible Influencers from Montreal

This is the era of Digital World — that implies that we have numerous opportunities to live our dreams. You can connect to the rest of the world and would always be able to find a group of people with similar passion, dreams or any fantasies that you have ever think of. It’s easy to be a part of a group, however, in order to be able to influence someone, it really takes a lot of hard work and selfless efforts. We are so busy chasing fame, however, altogether ignoring the very basic to be able to reach there — a selfless approach and honest work. Social Media is all about give and take, more selflessly you would share your knowledge/work with the rest of the world, there will be more people who will stand and recognize you. This time for a change we just though of dig out the information on such hardworking people from Montreal who are really making an impact on the social media with their work and persona. There were many out there who are doing a wonderful job, however, we tried to pick our influencers on the basis of their Instagram followers. These incredible people are great in their work and serve as a good inspiration for all of us that if you really have a passion and want to make a difference — just go for it and the world will follow: –

Karolane Rondeau — Content Creator from Montreal

Karolane Rondeau

Karolane is a Content creator in Montreal. She manages and creates social media marketing strategy, community management and commitment for business. She is an expert in creating advertising campaigns on different platforms. She is so much passionate about her work and always up to meet new challenges in her life. Her main vision is to travel and discover the new angle of world and meet new people. She has build so many connections with influencers and bloggers that now she is counted as one of the most famous social influencers in Montreal. She has 20k followers on Instagram and after seeing her feed you will get inspiration for your meals in coming next 10 years. Yes, that’s true just checkout her feed, you fill find delicious food pictures. Her interest is in Indie and rock pop music and loves to cook. She has a good philosophy believes that you should always be thankful of what life gave it to you.

IG name:- @karolanerondeau

Anne McIsaac — Graphic Designer & Art Director

Anne McIsaac

Anne McIsaac is a creative, graphic designer and art director who lives in Montreal. As the Instagram name @yellowillow, we can get some idea that how much love for yellow colour. So, basically she is known to have affection for yellow colour. From starting, she was so much dedicated about photography and worked hard with many photographers. After that, she started capture pictures for herself and started posting on Instagram. Covering so many photography subjects but landscape pictures is her cup of taste. She loves to communicate ideas and then combine images with attractive captions. One questions for you all guys? What makes you happy while working? For Anne, she feels happy when her images make people smile. Now, she has become most famous in Montreal with 85.1K followers. Her interest is in travelling, architecture, happiness and how can you forgot about yellow. If you are also obsessed with yellow colour just look at her feed, that will make you so much crazy because her images shows the different shades of sun like lemon,saffron, mustard and gold.

IG Name: — @yellowillow

Mayssa Kasbi- Blogger and Digital Content Creator


Mayssa is a creator of digital content and blogger in Montreal. She is basically Canadian-Tunisian who has gained huge fan following with number of 149,000 on Instagram. Before getting that much publicity she started her you tube channel in June, 2013 and now 66159 subscribers there. If you also want some beauty tips, check her you tube channel and watch videos. She has written so many blogs and also shared some tips related to lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Check out her blog link “”. She has completed her master education in department of Chemical Engineering and has good command over different languages. She can speak Arabic(Tunisia), French and English. She loves to have fun and party with friends and obviously like to explore all over the world. There is one question for all of you- to whom you follow which inspires you a lot? Mayssa is a big fan of you tube star Lysandre Nadeau (You tube Channel —

IG name:- @mayssakasbi

Simon Lachapelle — Landscape Photographer

Simon Lachapelle

Simon Lachapelle is a Montreal based photographer with an interest to click landscape pictures and street photography. He has more than 13 years of experience in photography. He started his career to capture pictures for local newspaper “Canada Français” for many years. Moreover, apart from that job he started to work for himself to make reach on social media. Now, he has the reach of 18k followers on Instagram. He studied cinema and visual effects but completed his bachelor degree in 3D animation because of passion for photography. Simon traveled to multiple cities to participate in different projects and seeking new and unique angle of pictures. He always wanted to see the world through different angle and wants to show another perspective of city which has not been explored. He believes that you have seen famous places thousand times from same point of view but if you are able to find unique point of view which is something different that should be photographed and represent different angle to viewers.

IG name:- @simonlachapelle

Website name:-

Mariella Katz — Founder and CEO of Frenzr

Mariella Katz

Mariella Katz is a Montreal based business woman. She is the founder and CEO of ‘Frenzr– a lifestyle social media agency’ and is the head of the ‘Let’s Connect’ networking events happening in her city. She teaches Digital Marketing at Champlain college and is always working on a multitude of startups. She started her career in the digital space at an early age of 15 as a Youtuber and since then she never looked back. From a diverse digital art background, she was always passionate about social media. She used her skill set, advertising background and her newly (back then) PR diploma to create Frenzr. Today, the agency offers a full 360 social media service for brands from content to account management to influencer marketing & events. She is very lively, social and loves balancing fun and work. Apart from her innovative start-up, you can also stream through the stunning pictures from her latest trips to Barcelona and Bali!

IG name:-@ellakatzz

Eric Branover — Freelance Photographer

Eric Branover is a freelance photographer who has born and bought up in Montreal. He is in love with Montreal that you will not feel shocked if you got to know that he is carrying camera all the time. He dedicated his life to camera when he got this a birthday gift. He learned photography through online tutorials and now, he is so much passionate about capturing moments for landscape and cityscapes, corporate events, portraits that you can see through his gallery with huge fan following of more than 13k. He worked for local influencers such as MTL blog, Montreal Gazette, Live Montreal, Narcity Montreal, and the Huffington Post and many more. Eric believes that his photography should be that much impressive and immortalize that it should tell story to viewers. I must say passionate is isn’t strong word to describe his personality, he is more than that. In fact people can identify his pictures or style involve in photography without seeing his name. Now, you guys can think how much love for photography. If still you have questions in your mind just check his gallery, you will get your answers automatically.

IG name:- @ericbranover

Audrey Rivet — Freelance Content Creator

Audrey Rivet

Audrey Rivet is a Montreal based freelance content creator and graphic designer. If you check her feed you will find so many latest trends or styles. She is inspired by everything which is related to art, design and fashion. She feels so much happiness to do some creative work and love to meet new inspiring people. To improve her creative skills, she studied graphic designing, later she joined the freelancer life to work with many dynamic startups. She wanted to be more knowledgeable about social media platforms that she can express herself in better way. Her skills are impressive and motivating that everyone wants to be multi –talented like her. She has the 39k followers on Instagram and manage as a content creator and a useful branding consultant is really not easy. If you are fashion freak and wants to check latest trends, then this is the perfect gallery to visit and follow.

IG name:- @audreyrivet

Francis Duval — Photographer from Montreal

Francis Duval

Francis Duval is an urban planning student and photographer who captures the world in his own way. He captures the particular structure and patterns in every subject of photography. However, when he is not capturing pictures then he would like to study, drink coffee or sometimes just on the streets of Montreal. You will find cohesiveness and integrity to his photography and that makes him more popular on Instagram with more than 46000 followers. He captures a wide variety on eclectic subjects. Completed his graduation in B.Sc. in town planning and masters in urban studies from University of Quebec in Montreal. Now, he is discovering new angle of streets, buildings and other adventure that can show new angle of Montreal to his followers. If you want to see photography which is just out of the box; then visit his profile and see his unique angle of pictures.

IG name:- @francisduval

Martin Reisch — Freelance Photographer and Video-Grapher

Martin is a freelance photographer and Video-Grapher in Montreal. Originally, he started capturing his posing pictures by adjusting timer in camera because he didn’t get any one to pose which he wants in his picture. He started shoots lot of urban, adventure and aerial photography while travelling around the world. He has the 58K fan following on Instagram and his photos are so impressive and unique. Now, I am gonna tell you interesting story about him, but first tell me one thing- Have you showed your passport through iPad and crossed the border? Confused?? Yes,Martin was travelling from Quebec to US and he forgot to pack passport, that he realized before half an hour. He showed his passport on iPad and asked border officer to let him cross into the United States. After that all questions and verification, finally he crossed the border. You guys need to check his gallery to see his perspective of photography because unique word is not enough to defined his talent.

IG name:- @safesolvent

Marie-Janelle Larivée — Founder of the Blog ‘Blog and the City’

Marie-Janelle Larivée

Marie-Janelle is the founder and blogger of Blog and the City ( in Montreal with huge number of followers on Instagram with 20k. She has written so many articles on lifestyle content and other subjects too. Her education background is really impressive, initially she studied cinema, photography, communications and public relations. Now, she has the expertise in digital marketing & social media adviser and community manager. She is so much creative and artistic that she can combine these skills with a sense of organization and management. Although interest varies; so she tries to give importance to every issues in the blog. So, if anyone wants to read blogs on art, beauty, travel, fashion, fitness, food and about life you can just go through her blog website and find interesting articles under one platform. Surprised? I will suggest you just have a cup of coffee then open the website and find your interesting field and enjoy the taste of coffee. Definitely, you gonna enjoy this.

IG name:- mj_andthecity

We would like to thank them all once again as they let us snoop around their social profiles to get access to the information. It’s been a great experience interacting with all these amazing people and get to know them even better. They all are really incredible and have been very supportive while addressing my queries and help me write this blog. If you have any interesting story or anyone to whom you know who had great impact in society, feel free to share with us.

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