Everyone dreams to visit around the world, but it is not easy to take off long holidays or leave your job for some months just to give yourself. Are you also planning to visit Travel around the world? If yes, then you are also worried about how to plan and what tips are required to make your journey memorable. Definitely, so many questions have been running around the mind, but on the contrast, excitement is on a peak to make a decision to travel around the world. We will try to help you with the basic intel required to make up your decision. I am trying to resolve your problem so just calm down and sit on the couch to lower your stress because I have gathered information and put it under one frame and I am sure after reading this blog you will feel relaxed and compelled to step forward towards a unique adventure so called the world travel.

Decide About Your Work Life

The first question comes to mind how long you are planning your journey. It is always wrong and the right time in life, but at the end, it is up to you how you gonna take your life. To take long holidays from office or just leave your job is not an easy task but if you will plan your budget and have enough money, you can take a break from your job and can enjoy your time with yourself, loved ones or friends. You have to just write an email to your boss and colleagues to explain your work to the company so that afterwards they will not face any issues at work.

Plan for Your Destinations

A Proper Planning Develops Confidence

Most countries require you to apply for a tourist visa because it will take 30–90 days to process your visa. So, you have to prepare a list of your countries in advance where you want to travel. Some countries also offer on-arrival visa, so you do not have to worry in that case. Just take out paper and write down your most favourite and dreamed places to visit. Afterwards, you have to research that particular country policy and rules about tourist visa because they required some paperwork that can take your time to gather information. Don’t leave the work for the end; otherwise, it will be a hassle for you. I would like to add one more point while planning your tour just start with one geographic direction and move ahead according to your listed countries. There is homework for you to figure out the main festivals or events where you are planning to visit so you can adjust your dates according to that major festivals.

Proper Medication

Although you may be planning to visit most of your days in cities or maybe in cosy villages or some plan to trek in isolated places. You will need to pack proper medication and small first aid kit that contains your all pills. Before you begin your journey, you should know about high-risk areas and where you gonna stay, so that in case of an emergency you can search local doctor that will be able you to guide in the right direction and give proper medications. If you have any kind of special medication recommendation, just carry your prescription to purchase pills.

Plan Your Budget

This is the most important question and concern how to make your trip on the budget. Start saving money to make your best trip. While planning your trip you can seize down your expenditure and in advance book your cheap flight tickets. It is very important to compare a few sites before booking air tickets and hotels. Book accommodation for initial days only, because in case you may love the place and want to extend your stay for few more days to relax, so you have the option to do that rather than cancelling. Research the cost of living in different countries where you would like to visit. Make one budget chart and write down your cost of food, because definitely, you gonna try their local cuisine. After that transportation, this is likely the most important cost factor while planning to visit outdoor or sightseeing. So, make your strategy and prioritize the options which you would like and start saving money for your trip from now onwards.

What Needs to Pack

Pack Everything You would Require

Remember, this is not the trip for 2 days or 2 weeks. Unlike normal vacation, you need to spend some time to make list what are the requirement according to your planned destinations. Suppose you have started your trip in summer and afterwards your next destination would be in extreme weather type countries like Canada, so you have to pack a layered jacket and can enjoy the snow. Before start packing your stuff, just google all the weather prediction and situations and make sure to keep the map with you, in case your phone is not charged. The most important point, don’t forget to carry DSLR and battery to take ultimate pictures and add your memories in travel diaries.

Research about culture and language

Last but not the least, most people forgot about this point, which is an equally important point as above. Head to a library and get books to read about the life and culture where you are planning to go. If you have enough knowledge of basic culture and history to that place, so you can easily relate their local places and their tradition. Try to learn basic greetings words, so that you can salute local people and try to make a connection with them. Some countries have very strict rules, if by any chance or your intention is not to hurt other people but mistakenly you disappointed someone’s feeling or break their law may be you could end up with very bad punishment or a heavy fine. To avoid all kind of trouble just be sure not to do anything which is against the law.

Finally, we have created a plan, made a budget chart and packed all the necessary stuff. Only last work is left. Now, you guys are thinking everything is done, what we have missed? Hold your backpack with your passport and just enjoy and have a lot of fun on your trip. Board on the plane and adore the fruit of your hard work. If you guys really want to make something happening in your life, just plan and work accordingly step by step, it is not that much difficult to roam around the world. Hope so, I solved all your problems and make your nerves relax. For booking the Cheap Flight Deals in the last minute you can compare flight fares on one platform — Farenexus which helps you to find great deals.

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