Top Airlines in Canada

Many of us already know that in Canadian air travel industry; there are a lot of airlines who have gained huge popularity, which is offering reasonable airfares and different type of services to customers to maintain their brand name in the competitive market. Moreover, people are also becoming smarter before Booking a Air Ticket; they check services, cheap fares and transparency between customers. Are you also searching different websites and services of various airlines in Canada? Just hold for a minute and have a cup of coffee!! We have framed all information on best airline and their services in Canada, so just have a look and enjoy the taste of coffee.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. It has taken decades — survived many ups and downs and finally being able to establish itself as the No 1 airline in Canada. From starting, they focus on building a relationship with other airlines and provide better customer services in Canada or in other continents too. It is famous for best business class, as well as, first Canadian airline to offer in-seat Wi-Fi access and boasting more Wi-Fi enabled plans. Air Canada won the best airline award in North America for the second consecutive year. Moreover, Air Canada supports many organizations who are totally focused on the health and well-being of the children in Canada. They also introduced mobile booking through Apple app. Focussing on better customer service while enhancing the user experience by incorporating new technologies in their system — Air Canada has always stood out in the crowd and no wonder is placed on the top spot in Canadian aviation industry.


West jet is a second largest Canadian low-cost carrier airline. Right from the start, they put their customers first and provide safe, affordable air travel and hence, as a result, they have become Canada’s most reputed corporate cultures. The customers have a great experience with West jet because of friendly and helping staff and all the flights are enjoyable. West jets are dreaming for new Boeing 787–9 Dreamliner with its new livery and planning to update its company logo this year. Their next step is a transformation into a global network airline. They are also planning to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Air Transat

Air Transat is reputed holiday travel and best leisure airline in the Canada and transatlantic markets. In recent years, they earned multiple distinctions for its efforts to reduce environmental footprint and for energy efficiency. The customer reviews had an overall great experience, the prices are also affordable and the in-flight entertainment up to par. They got so many awards for its commitment to sustainable development. Air Transat provides services in accommodation and travel packages also. Their prime importance to the environment, host communities, cultural diversity as well as, they focus on relations with employees, customers, partners. Air Transat has adopted an environmental policy to reduce its ecological footprint.

Porter Airlines

Porter airline is an official 4-star airline by Skytrax and offers convenient service to passengers. In addition, they offer cancellation policy to refund amount within 24 hours after completion of booking. The special Q400 aircraft engines are designed and manufactured in Canada and quality of this plane is less cabin noise, vibration suppression system, and lowest fuel burn per seat. They also offer VIPorter which is a flyer reward program, in which you can redeem points for next booking. They provide excellent facilities, warm hospitality and in case of emergency they provide good medical services to passengers according to their medical needs.

Jazz Airlines

Jazz is Air Canada’s largest regional partner and airline. All jazz flights offer a complimentary beverage service. Flight attendants always emphasize on better customer satisfaction. Customer service agents are very helpful and friendly, 24/7 support services are available. They are open to take feedback from customers and wouldn’t hesitate to think out of the box to implement changes in their services. Jazz airlines have a special provision to disable passengers and their staffs provide every kind of help from scratch to on-board. Recently, Jazz received an award in participating College’s Cadet Program and offer a scholarship for students who enrolled in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programs.

Central Mountain Air

Central mountain air limited is a Canadian regional airline and operates 20 destinations within Alberta and British Colombia. They also operate Charter flight services. The planes are very small but with pleasant services. As it was a small propeller plane but you will feel like getting on a private jet. CMA is very good about their schedule and their staffs are highly professional and also offer cheap and affordable fares. They gave special in-flight magazine which has all the information about events which take place throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The Skytrax gave the 7/10 rating because of amazing customer service.

Northwestern Air

Northwestern air is a proud airline in Northwest Territories of Canada. They also offer chartered air service to anywhere you want to fly throughout western and northern Canada. Their aircraft maintenance service engineer offer years of experience in British Aerospace Jetstream and have a vast inventory of parts and lubricants. Fuel service is also available for 24 hours or any other aircraft services. One story shared by user about their unbelievable customer service that his credit card has been lost in flight but flight attendants manage to find and made announcement on airport and return back. Northwestern has the vision to provide best customer services and make their journey memorable.

Every cloud has a silver lining, in the same way every airline has two sides of a coin. People have the different opinion on different airlines according to their requirement and there personal experiences with the airlines. With the increasing competition in Canadian aviation, every airline is trying to offer best deals and services to their customers. Travellers are getting involved to Search Cheap Air Tickets on different platforms or through travel agents for special discounts and packages. If you are also one of them to Find Cheap Flights in Canada, just try Farenexus to find best flight deals and save your time and money!

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